Welcome – Bienvenus – Benvenidos

Welcome to the SENsible Travels! This blog/travel journal is here to give you tips to organise road trips and (very) active holidays with your child(ren).
Mine is 12 and has ASD so this blog is also Autistic friendly. This blog is not a professional travel guide but a collection of experiences gathered along our travels with a special need child.

A few tips I’ve learnt while traveling with a special needs child.
A – Whatever works! I’ve swallowed my pride and now I’m going straight to the “Special Assistance” check in desk. N. can’t queue for ages (but still enough) and I’m not going to bother either! So off to the Special assistance! Same at the airport security in the arrival lounge. Don’t hesitate. Thank me later.
B – Book special assistance when you book your tickets. You will avoid the queue (and the wait) at the desk at the airport.
C – Invest in an airport lounge card. I know, it’s a bit posh but as planes are getting more and more delayed, it gives you a nice and quiet space for you and your child to wait. Plus there is food, plugs to recharge iPads and sometimes massages!
D – Try to notify the staff if you need assistance during the flight. My son gets very stressed with babies crying so I’ve learnt how to ask for assistance.
E – If you have one, ask your local authority for a “Disabled” Card. I hate this term but I can flash this card and jump queues pretty much everywhere with it!

Enjoy and please feedback!


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